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5.11 Exo K Gel Kneepad Blk

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5.11 EXO.K Gel Knee Pads is a quality durable knee protection system featuring shock absorption gel inners
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Made specifically to take the brunt of the pressure on your knees the EXO.K Gel Knee Pads feature a molded, flexible cap with built-in traction and a flat face for a stable, quiet shooting platform-even on hard surfaces. Beneath the cap is an EVA gel core for shock absorption and even more protection. A thick woven upper elastic strap and polypropylene lower strap make for a secure fit. Adjustable, silent straps are designed to stay in place without slipping.


  • Dual density cap with textured grip surface for stability  
  • EVA cushioning with GEL core for extreme comfort  
  • Articulating lower segment for optimal ergonomic fit  
  • Secure non-slip buckles 
  • Integrates with all 5.11® Pants