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DAA Lynx Belt Individual Link

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You need an inner belt to use the Lynx system. If you don't have one, don't forget to order.

Part of what makes the Lynx belt so special is that it is made of individual links. This allows you to customize your belt, designing a one of a kind color scheme, choosing links of the 9 available colors. Design your belt to represent your National Flag, your shooting club or match your shooting uniform.

Here you can purchase individual links of any color and quantity, should you need to do so. 

Dimensions: links are 33mm long from pin to pin. 38.7mm tall, thickness on the Velcro pad is 8.8mm, 7mm off the pad

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Size Chart:

32" or 83 cm belt needs 25 links and Buckle

33" or 85 cm belt needs 26 links and Buckle

34" belt or 87 cm needs 27 links and Buckle

35" belt or 89 cm needs 28 links and Buckle

36" or 91cm belt needs 28 links and Buckle

38" or 96cm belt needs 30 links and Buckle

40" or 101cm belt needs 31 links and Buckle

42" or 106cm  belt needs 33 links and Buckle

44" or 111cm belt needs 34 links and Buckle

46" or 116 cm belt needs 36 links and Buckle